FALL 2020

Fall 2020 mood board Joan of Arc
      Inspiration for the Fall collection began with two paintings of Joan of Arc, showing very different moments of her brief, yet impactful life. Joan of Arc at the Coronation of Charles VII shows Joan in triumph – she is strong, serene, and powerful. She has just led French forces to sweeping victories and restored Charles to the crown. Just six months later, Joan was captured by the enemy and under pressure from his advisers, Charles made no attempt to save her. Capture of Joan of Arc shows Joan being led away by her captors to face charges including witchcraft, dressing in masculine clothing, and “sinful pride.” She is shown facing this unjust fate with grace and strength. Twenty-five years after being burned at the stake, her charges were re-examined, overturned, and Joan was declared a Catholic martyr.
     The collection includes layered dresses inspired by the split seam garment Joan wears over her armor, and a modern take on an officer’s jacket. A leather jacket and straight leg leather pants are reminiscent of another formidable female warrior – Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Buffy is certainly more light-hearted, but ground breaking and powerful in her own right. As in previous seasons, sheer fabrics and sporty details are important – an oversized scrub top is rendered in sheer turquoise sequined net, and a midi length black dress has beaded trim in a trompe l’oeil sports bra detail.