RESORT 2025 is a season seeking tenderness, intimacy, and close connection. Nostalgia for dinner parties at home lasting late into the night and deep conversations over a glass of wine with an old friend. The inimitable Peggy Guggenheim is a central figure to the season’s inspiration – the web of friends she cultivated, the pursuit of collecting both art and artists with the intent to support, stimulate, and share. To revel in those connections with intimate salon-style gatherings and plot new projects and adventures. The tone of the clothing is drawn from Louis Bourgeois’s assemblages of delicate garments on iron racks – the tension between tender objects held close to one’s self, and the harsh setting in which they are displayed. A sheer satin-faced organza jacket is clasped by polished silver buttons, the interior architecture of the piece visible through the fabric. Further tension is created in pairing it with sheer black tights and a patent leather bag. The materials of the season are a study in contrasts – the tender delicacy of Chantilly lace and piles of chiffon ruffles, a buttery soft nappa moto jacket with a multitude of buckles and eyelets. A soft, curly shearling coat is cinched in by a triple strap waist belt, spidery lace is tethered by ribbon and eyelets.

The signature Fiona bag is rendered in high-shine metal, finding inspiration in the first piece Peggy Guggenheim lovingly collected – Jean Arp’s Head and Shell. In this iteration, the Fiona becomes both a functional object and an objét, with polished aluminum panels bent into place and linked by delicate rings. The Marguerite bag is new for the season, with rows of nappa belts and classic centerbar buckles, calling on the collection’s ongoing theme of utility and workwear.