“Unfinished Songs & Abandoned Poems”

Memories of nights with brittle magic hanging in the air, the ghosts of whispered words in corners, anticipation a living, breathing thing around us. Walking home after the bar, remnants of rain still glittering on the pavement. It seemed like the city was there only for us, that no one had ever seen it this way and never would. The empty night air carrying talk of moving, changing, taking flight. Searching out a connection that crackled and vibrated.

The Pre-fall 2024 collection is about the intimacy and tension of ephemeral moments - the specific version of yourself in a point in time that will never exist again. The palette is a collection of contrasts: shades of cream against black and chocolate, with touches of bold red and sangria. Tailoring is cinched and sculpted with lacing details and velvet wraps around the body, ending in a waterfall of fringe. The concept of fringe evolves into streaming pieces of leather for a top and wide swathes of fabric for a little black dress. Strips of chiffon trail off the hem of a silk slip top and emerge from the slit of a draped white t-shirt dress. Gowns are sculpted and folded into draped columns and a bold shearling jacket cuts a luxurious shape amongst leather, chiffon and wool silhouettes.

Signature handbag accessories in the Fiona and Lenora return as evergreen and foundational pieces to the collections. Reflecting the two sides of the Kate Hundley brand - the Fiona tote is a spotlight for craftwork and a luxurious utilitarian object, while the Lenora highlights the romanticism and duality of the collection through brass snake jewelry elements.


Cream ruffle top and pleated trouser

white shirt brown wrap skirt leather      cream jacket with lace up detail

black leather strip top and pants

white t-shirt dress with draping

black suit white shirt   

black one shoulder top with fringe

grey jacket black bag black skirt

black strapless dress black handbags

    bordeaux coat with cream skirt   black leather jacket with lacing detail and fringe skirt     

shearling coat with brown croc emboss and brown suede handbag

sangria long draped gown

red one shoulder draped gown    

handbags piled on the floor                            

brown suede tote and brown croc emboss mini tote

black bag with metal snake handle