Collection: KHxWE2

 “This collection was born of dreaming about Italy in late summer – escaping the city for the languid haze of a beautiful afternoon, sharing aperitivo with friends and losing track of time in conversation. The pieces are special and unique – one of a kind, and I hope people can feel the rich past that lingers in the materials and let it enrich their present.” - KH
model wearing yellow crochet shirt

The vintage textiles for this collection were chosen with an eye to timelessness and soul. The fabrics may have easily graced a table laden with trays of figs and hard cheese, bowls of citrus and glasses of Aperol Spritz; now they have a second life as a unique piece of clothing. It is beautiful to imagine that you might have found this fabric on an August vacation – maybe from a tiny shop where you ordered a granita and chatted with the owners for hours. You left feeling like you made friends and found a special spot to return to next year in the summer heat.

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